snowdrift days

In my weekly attempt to make a living, I have one job that pays me with food. On Thursdays, I am a work share participant at Snowdrift Farm.
What this means is that I show up and work at whatever they tell me to do. I am one of about eight people that regularly work on Thursday. We dig vegetable beds, and perform weeding like mad. I have learned to use a hoe (no comments from the peanut gallery, please) to target small weeds and a pitchfork to mitigate nasty large rooted insidious plants like quack grass. We plant whatever needs to be planted, and spend a lot of time near the ground in doing so.
Also, there is good humor to be found amongst this farming crowd. I joked to one of my workmates that it was all so socialist – you cannot take ownership of the job you are doing, you just have to do it well. Anyone there could be doing any number of things, and it is all for the common good of the work share.
During this conversation, the owner of Snowdrift mentioned that they were showing a film about young farmers, and she referred to organic farming as “the movement”. I looked over at my buddy and said, “See?” We shared the reason for our laughter with the others, and another novice farmer piped up – “Whatever, Snowball.” Now, you don’t get Orwellian jokes every day in the normal course of conversation, do you? I mean, I don’t remember the last time I got an ‘Animal Farm’ reference in response to something I said. Rich.
So far, it has been a trick to learn how to use all of the produce that is thrown my way for this work. Needless to say, both me and Tim are roughage heavy these days and feeling great from the amount of alkaline in our systems. When I think about how much produce I would buy at the grocery and then let go to waste, I cringe. Now, I am on this schedule where I feel compelled to use everything I have been given before the next week arrives and we are again over laden with greens.
For the most part, I feel that what I am bringing home to my kitchen has been earned with work that I am not used to doing, and that is very satisfying.
Also, it is just so pretty.

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