all hail the procrastinator.

Crumpled Paper Background

Back in June, when I finally managed to obtain a mostly full-time gig that I could actually be proud of, I fell off the radar. Deep into trying to achieve a work/life balance that on some days seemed elusive, while on others more realistic, I forgot I had a blog.

On the other hand, I still had my hat thrown into a few editorial deadlines for the regional magazines that are kind enough to keep giving me assignments. And that gig – the mostly full-time, fun, fabulous work that I get to do at Kate’s Real Food – gives me a chance to write too.

While I am now busy trying to get my own attention in an attempt to come up with blog fodder for the three of you, perhaps you might like to take a look at the things that I have been working on…

Kate’s Real Food Blog
Real (Honest) Work
Halloween’s Glory
Wide Open Gratitude

Teton Home & Living Winter 2014
Texas to Tetons

JH Style, Winter 2014/15 Edition
A Delectable Heritage
Room for Everyone at the Table

Flying High in the Tetons

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