Facebook Free

Dudes. I’m feeling good. I just deactivated my FB account, and it was like being suspended upside down and feeling my whole spinal column stretch out to its fullest capacity. And I’ve literally done that before, and it’s freeing AF. 

I’m tossing it back over to my one true love, and that would be Instagram. Beautiful words and images are my full jam, and my people are there. I follow what lifts me, and it has to do with the creative community at large, the importance of a healthy food chain, and the confusing depth of our history as humans. 

Many that know me won’t be surprised, as I spent almost five years in the grueling digital media salt mines, working in support of, and leading a team of degreed writers and journalists who work as social media managers. These amazing individuals watch the drama of digital commerce and humans converge on a daily basis. 

It is astonishing the lengths one will go to in order to insult another, having no true knowledge of that person’s moral compass. Facebook encourages us to hide and not look one another in the eye. It seeks to divide us. 

I want to make it clear that the team I am referring to work in the DIY craft industry and run accounts that promote knitting, crochet, beading, jewelry making, quilting, and sewing. So there you have it. Even those that live the handmade life want to punch someone’s lights out on Facebook. 

Also, the state of the world is terrifying. I don’t rely on a machine designed by an awkward post pubescent malcontent who couldn’t get laid in college to define my newsfeed. I read print journalism, and I read it directly from the newspaper sites that catalog the information. I don’t put a filter in between myself and those sources. It would only serve to disrupt my sense of balance.

So there you have it. I don’t know how long deactivation will last, but I’m going for it. I’m going to start tick marks on a wall like a prisoner of war to see how far I get. It will probably end the day I have to take a job that requires my hyper developed social media skills be put back into play. But I’m resisting. If I have to give in, I will do so with new boundaries. 

You don’t have to follow me on Instagram. It’s very boring. I write poetry and put up pictures of food and other people’s dogs, and offer what is current on this site as far as my writer’s byline goes. That’s about it. So seriously don’t follow me, it will not entertain you in the least. 

But also remember that I am a writer and therefore vain, so here is my handle: @jennreindotcom

(also, I am looking for work in production – so feel free to contact me)

[Header Image Credit: Austin Schmid]

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