Art Coverage

Artists Magazine Mar/Apr 2023

Artists Magazine Mar/Apr 2023
An Ode to Color: Color drives the compositions of Denver artist Lui Ferreyra in a way that is unique to his process, with subjects deconstructed into shapes that hold the key: No one color is repeated within the geometrics of a work.

Plein Air Magazine Apr/May 2021

Plein Air Magazine April/May 2021
The Time It Takes: Almost 40 years at the easel have allowed Scott Christensen the time to continuously develop his skill set. His recent switch to executing plein air studies using gouache exemplifies the approach of a trailblazer who never rests in his pursuit of truth in composition.

Artists Magazine Nov/Dec 2022

Artists Magazine Nov/Dec 2022
Collective Memory Meets the Artist’s Brush: Travis Walker‘s compositions transport viewers directly into scenes that feel like both personal memory and part of the shared lexicon of film.

PleinAir Magazine Aug/Sep 2021

PleinAir Magazine Aug/Sep 2021
The Song of Beautiful Structure: At the outset of planning a work, Skip Whitcomb addresses the role color will play. He calls this “defining your prima donna,” and stresses the notes that will lend support to her voice must be decided early in the process. “Color is as logical as mathematics,” he says. “It has structure, and you have to work the structure.”

Artists Magazine Sep/Oct 2021

Artists Magazine Sep/Oct 2021
The Light From Within: Seascape oil painter oil painter Michelle Jung constantly tends a creative fire with new dreams and goals to fuel artistic success. This accomplishment is backed by a deep dedication at the easel and a unifying approach to composition.

The Best of Drawing Winter 2022

The Best of Drawing: 13th Annual Strokes of Genius Competition Winners
Artist Bly Pope believes that artists shouldn’t limit themselves to a single genre. “I taught myself how to use oils because a client wanted a series of seabirds,” Pope says. “I think, as an artist, you have to continue to adapt—and a broader skill set simply makes you more adaptable.”


Photography by Paulette Philpot

Teton Family Magazine | The Sourdough Equation

The home baking game has seen a resurgence over the past couple of years, as we continue to embrace what can be done in the name of nesting. And as far as bread goes, the Holy Grail of loaves seems to rest in sourdough, a heavenly loaf known for its distinctively tangy flavor, softness of crumb, and lofty texture. To some, making sourdough bread is a challenge; others have their technique nailed. 

Photography by Natalie Behring

Teton Family Magazine | On the Farm: Sheep to Shear

Sheep ranching is a long-held tradition in most mountain states, grown from roots established sometime in the 1800s. Emigrants—from Scotland, Peru, and the Basque region of Spain—migrated to the mountains to participate in this agricultural practice. In the early part of the twentieth century, Idaho was second only to Australia in sheepherding, having as many as 2.65 million sheep ranched within its borders. This landscape has changed drastically, but sheep ranching families still manage to make a living in South Central Idaho, and some outfits even use our Teton neighborhood for pasturing.

Grand Wedding | Nature’s Edible Blooms

A bouquet of flowers may be one of the most important bridal accessories—the role blooms play in wedding décor cannot be understated. But you can also bring nature to your celebration table by including food and drink options that use edible flowers. Flowers can be added to appetizers and dinner entrées, or top cakes and dessert items; petals can also make their debut on the side of a cocktail glass. Incorporating flowers into food and drink options allows you to extend this favorite event detail to both the banquet and bar.

Architecture / Design

Homestead Magazine Winter 2023

Dembergh Construction
Manifesting the Modern Chalet: With a reputation in Jackson Hole that has spanned over 35 years, Dembergh Construction has been fortunate to work with some of the most accomplished architects and artisans in the region.

New West Knifeworks
A Slice of Beauty: Made of stone native to the Tetons, wood and epoxy, the New West Knifeworks Rock Block serves as a showcase for the highly praised knife line that the New York Times has said is, “as beautiful as it is useful.”

Willowcreek Cabinetry
A Finishing Touch That Shines: Within the residential spaces of Jackson Hole, design sensibilities are embraced with forward-thinking style. The craftsmanship must be in keeping with the vision of the design and brought to life with care.

Jackson Hole Showcase of Homes
The Art of Living: Simultaneously expressive and communicative, art and architecture work together to grace our world with beauty in form and function. During the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, architecture, building and interior design get their due with the annual Jackson Hole Showcase of Homes tour, hosted by Homestead Magazine.


Art Coverage

Artists Magazine Sep/Oct 2022
Mona Monroe: Mapping the Self

Artists Magazine Jan/Feb 2021
Heidi Jung: Giving Nature Her Due

Artists Magazine, May/June 2021
Amy Ringholz: How the West Was Won

Artists Magazine, May/June 2021
Borbay: Celebrating the Beauty of Place

Artists Magazine, November 2020
Scott Christensen: A Lifelong Learning Curve

Homestead Magazine, 2016
Jackson Hole Arts Festival: An Artful Draw

Homestead Magazine 2015
Jackson Hole Arts Festival: Toast of the Town

Teton Family Magazine, Fall 2015
In the Garden: Chicken Bus Commission

Teton Home & Living Fall/Winter 2011
Scott Christensen: Making the Whole Work

Architecture & Design

Homestead Magazine, 2021
CLB Architects | Intimate Choices, Thoughtful Design

New West Fine Art | Forging a New Vision of Everyday Art

Homestead Magazine, 2015
Showcase of Homes | Welcome Home

Teton Home & Living Fall 2014
Texas to the Tetons | Family behind luxury linens brand Peacock Alley finds solace in the mountains.


Grand Wedding, 2022
Do you have a permit for that? | Navigating the Particulars of Event Permissions

Teton Family Magazine, Summer 2022
On the Farm: Rewilding Your World | Regenerative agriculture and mending the soil.

Homestead Magazine, 2021
The Clear Creek Group | Leading with Integrity and Attention

Homestead Magazine, 2016
3 Creek Ranch | Dream Resort

JH Style Summer/Fall 2015
Piecing it All Together | Heidi Jost, local orthopedist enjoys the challenges of her work.

Heavenly Scents | Teton View Lavender Farm creates an herbal product line.

JH Style Winter 2014/15
Flying High in the Tetons | Richard Sugden at the Heart of Local Aviation History

Teton Valley Magazine Summer 2014
Slim’s Chance | A local’s local marries off his daughter. The memories are indeed once in a lifetime.
This issue of Teton Valley Magazine was named “First Place in General Excellence – Magazine” by the Idaho Press Club in 2014.

JH Style Summer 2014
The Business of Dirt | The owner of MD Nursery in Teton Valley digs in.

The Art of Discovery | A blurb on realtors who listen.


Grand Wedding, 2022
Food on Wheels | Enlisting a Food Truck for Reception Fare

Teton Family Magazine, Winter 2021/22
A Plethora of Pie | Three pie recipes for broad dessert appeal.

JH Style Winter 2014/15
A Delectable Heritage | The Blue Lion restaurant in Jackson is a long-time favorite for a reason…

Room for Everyone at the Table | Three Peaks Dining Table in Driggs is ready to serve.

JH Style Summer 2014
Organic and Honest | At Jackson Hole’s Lotus Café, chef and owner Amy Young serves it up – organic style.

Teton Valley Magazine Summer 2013
BBQ Ribs with a Side of Rock ‘n Roll | The Knotty Pine Supper Club nails down a formula in Victor, Idaho.

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