2014 Selections

Meet Me at the Yard, June 2014
Victor’s most notorious dive is transformed into a refreshing dining space.

Cooking for the Comrades, March 2014
A local Teton Valley chef slings hash in Sochi…

2013 Selections

Putting it By, October 2013
A beginner cans chicken in a family kitchen.

2012 Selections

Flipping for School Support, May 2012
We love the Brakeman Grill!

Eggcellent Easter, April 2012
“Competitiveness in children can often be cruel (one word: dodgeball).
Release a sugar-hyped well-dressed crowd of them into a large outdoor area to find some hidden food, and you are guaranteed a certain amount of disastrous mayhem.
Hunger Games, indeed.”

Where’s the Beef: Alta, March 2012
Peanut butter on a burger? When the beef is grass fed and the view is this good, anything goes.

Where’s the Beef: Victor, March 2012
My passion for the Knotty Pine Supper Club lives on.

2011 Selections

Thyme Out at MD, August 2011
Chef Stacey Rosati rocks a mean lunch.

2010 Selections

A Lovin’ Spoonful, September 2010
Spoons Bistro in Victor, Idaho throws down with thoughtful flavor.

A Walk on the Wild Side, January 2010
Wild game not your thing? Consider the possibilities…

2009 Selections

A Tale for the Not Yet Inspired, October 2009
Love, laughter and tears in Paris at the world’s most famous cooking school.

An Experiment Gone Right, February 2009
My first attempt at a newspaper column (hint: it’s about food).



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